The Snappy Squirrel project is a joint effort amongst the members of the Looper/Hu family! Jen Looper, of Ladeez First Media, realized that her father, Jerry Looper, not only enjoys writing stories but has very solid experience in managing personal finance, having sent four children to top-tier colleges on a single-earner salary in the 80s and 90s. A well-known former manager at McDonnell-Douglas corporation, Jerry is the perfect content creator for this type of book. Jen provides editorial, artistic, and development work as the Boston Ambassador of the Corona SDK platform, a tool to create beautiful cross-platform apps especially suited for e-storybooks. Her daughter, Allegra Hu, age 16, is a master of Photoshop and worked with Jen to create the characters. Finally, youngest daughter, Stella Hu, is happy to provide QA assistance in her role as Usability tester for Lil’ Lady Usability Testing, a branch of Ladeez First Media. We love family!